Send us links of your .mp3 music along with a high resolution photo, brief bio, and social media links redirecting to your music and websites.

@ishradioblog at gmail (dot) com

*Due to the increasing amount of submissions over the last few days we continue to post the first track for each artist free.  Once the first post is complete we will charge $5.00 per post to be promoted on social media.  Please do not spam us or argue because you must pay after the first post.  Thank you in advance.  Looking to work with you all in the future.

We accept payments through pay pal.

You Can Also Fill Out the form Below If Its Easier for you.  Thanks again.

Here are a few other sites where you can submit music and/or promote your music:






Please keep in mind that each site has its own submission guidelines while you may be chosen for one or two blogs and maybe not the other one.  Some talent will be accepted for all blogs.  Please do not let this discourage you.  Good luck in all future endeavors.

Music Submission $5.00 USD
Interview $5.00 USD
Promotion $5.00 USD

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