Happy Place – Diverse Character (Official Music Video)

Damon Jeremiah Washington also known as Diverse Character (DC) , is a young hip hop artist, performer, entertainer, musician and  song writer  born n December 26,1992 in Trenton, NJ Damon’s hometown did not offer much support for the performing arts, yet there are many talented individuals residing within the city limits. At the age of ten, his mother, tired of the violence plaguing Trenton, moved Damon to the suburbs of Yardley, PA where he would reside until graduating from High School. During his eight grade year, some of Damon’s friends introduced him to Hip-Hop music. Damon would rap for hours on in to perfect his craft.

As the years progressed and new experiences and opportunities presented themselves, so did Damon’s taste in music. Damon would later go on to fall in love with and experiment with not only Hip-Hop but Pop, Techno, R&B and Rock within his music. Damon is inspired by many artist before him such as  Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Michael Jackson, Nas, Creed, Biggie Smalls, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Tupac, Kanye West, Drake solidifying and molding his name DIVERSE Character. He is currently working on project that are as intense and unique as his name.

Diverse Character aka Verse, one of Hip-Hop’s up and coming talents is starting his music career off with a bang. He has already collaborated with acts such as Mickey Factz and Rich Homie Quan. Factz, one of the best verse for verse rappers in the industry, has worked with high profile artists such as Erykah Badu, Marsha Ambrosius and Drake.

Diverse is on his way to being a hit amongst his peers and avid hip-hop fans. On Soundcloud he has over 500,000 authentic plays with over 10,000 replays and over 8,000 likes. Diverse Character  his recently released a video for his hit song “Happy Place,” the single from his mixtape “Golden Memories.” The single can be found on YouTube.  Happy Place, a fan favorite, produced by L. David and sampled by Tycho  “A Walk” was released in November, 2014 with Diverse Character spitting controversial lyrics like, “What’s wrong with drugs, as long as you feel all right?” and sighting drugs as a happy state of mind-his happy place. Whenasked, he further explained “drugs” giving the song significant life and adding an in-depth meaning to the song.

“My Happy Place is my drug. My drug is anything that creates an atmosphere conducive to me being happy. A drum set can be a drug to a drummer – a stage can be an actor/actresses’ drug of choice because it creates an escape from this sometimes horrible world we live in.” said Diverse.



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