@DolitaXD “Somebody Else” Ft. Ming & Joinez


Thomas Carver (born November 11, 1993) in Washington, DC but was raised Capitol Heights, MD. Genre (Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, & Pop)
He’s been making music since he was 12, but his first time recording a song was in 2012.
Dolita is trying to achieve greatness with his team and making good music for the world. Thomas was trying to be creative when he made his name and chose something different .
Dolita music is different and versatile and it gives a vibe that makes you really feel the what he’s saying.
Looking back Dolita use to listen to R.Kelly and Usher in his room just harmonizing and thinking he can do this . He remembers Usher’s Confessions and couldn’t get that song out his head, it was too catchy. He became involved just by surrounding himself with where he’s from and the shit that goes on around him . Dolita songs are about what he feels, its easy for him to come up with diverse songs because he’s lived both lives.

Contact: @DolitaXD

Booking/ Features: Dolitallmg@gmail.com l



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