@DolitaXD “Somebody Else” Ft. Ming & Joinez


Thomas Carver (born November 11, 1993) in Washington, DC but was raised Capitol Heights, MD. Genre (Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, & Pop)
He’s been making music since he was 12, but his first time recording a song was in 2012.
Dolita is trying to achieve greatness with his team and making good music for the world. Thomas was trying to be creative when he made his name and chose something different .
Dolita music is different and versatile and it gives a vibe that makes you really feel the what he’s saying.
Looking back Dolita use to listen to R.Kelly and Usher in his room just harmonizing and thinking he can do this . He remembers Usher’s Confessions and couldn’t get that song out his head, it was too catchy. He became involved just by surrounding himself with where he’s from and the shit that goes on around him . Dolita songs are about what he feels, its easy for him to come up with diverse songs because he’s lived both lives.

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@iAmEmoney: Ride & Coast (Official Video)

Check out E-Money latest video “Ride & Coast” 

E-Money has recently been featured on MTV on Ja Rule’s reality show “Follow The Rules” .   E-Money has also been featured on major blogs & publications such as Drakes producers Boi-1da website, AllHipHop, Dj Enuff from Hot 97 website ThatsEnuff, HipHopSince1987, JackThriller & more. His latest video “Ride & Coast” is now being played on California Music channel which is powered by Comcast broadcasting in San Francisco, Oakland & San Jose. E-Money has had singles on hit major radio stations like, WGCI & Power 92 in Chicago, Foxie 105 in Augusta & Columbus GA, and Charlotte NC 94.5 FM. Recently.   E-Money has begun his journey as an entrepreneur as well with his new brand/clothing line Zoony Life.  Zoony Life which represents chasing your dreams & bringing your visions to Life. Core values to inspire & breathe a mindset that anything is possible. In Closing, E-Money represents the evolving culture. His music displays that he is a man of the people and next up in the reigns of the new hip-hop elites.

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BUMPY103 Street Life Vol 4 – Blood Moon Tetrad

How does one determine Greatness? In a genre Filled with mediocrity and Foolishness, it seems that record sales and ring-tones have dominated the way business is conducted and has begun to overshadow the importance of one’s craft.

With an impeccable delivery and unmatched cadence, artist Shane Jackson storms the hip hop scene with a unique passion and creativity for his own raw yet positive style of rapping. He has felt the slight touch of success and the sting of losing it all. BUMPY103’s days behind the Mic began at the age of 17 in the Basement where he worked with several producers and different artist. Shane Jackson was born in New York City Since he was a child he’s been musically inclined, he is very passionate about what he does and loves to perform anywhere given the opportunity. He is a very versatile and open-minded artist. A new era must be injected into the hearts of fans that crave real music.

Mr103 is one of the hardest working independent MC’s in the tri-state today hailing straight from Harlem, NY and New Jersey. On the stage or whether he’s on a song, Bumpy has a style that lets you know that the game is his. He represents those streets with a towel of perfection because of his love for the game. He’s been flooding the internet with several Mixtape’s of his own “Streets life Volume 1 & 2, 3, Clear View, YG’s on deck, & No Breaks Movie Music, & Still Grinding & The Koldest Winter Ever. He’s working on one of the biggest project of his career “Street Life Vol 4” will be released winter 2016, alongside a nationwide tour he’s kicking off this winter.
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Instagram: @Banebxxgie27

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@WhoIsJamalGasol: Money Talks

Niagara Falls, New York.  Jamal Gasol is an artist from a city with one of the highest violent crime rates in the entire state.  Gasol started rapping when he was 12 about what he  saw growing up in the streets of his city. Since then, Gasol has performed with artists such as Lil’ Durk, Hell Rell, Montana of 300, Fred The Godson, Shotgun Suge, JR Writer, Klass Murda, Benny and Uni-G to name a few.

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Substance Abuse featuring KRS-One “Rear View” (The Chase Mix)

Los Angeles hip-hop duo Substance Abuse return to hip-hop with their remix EP, Background Music: The Redux.  Consisting of emcee Subz and Eso Tre, Substance Abuse present a work that re-imagines some of the classic tracks first introduced on their critically acclaimed sophomore effort, “Background Music”.

Substance Abuse stick to their trade mark style of socially conscious content. The track “Rear View” featuring KRS-One, tackles the futility of trying to embrace a time period that is gone and never will be again, while still affirming some of the timeless values that people cherished during that era.  Rear View: The Chase Remix embodies a new take on the track played on DJ Premier’s Live From HeadQCourterz radio show as well as many other reputable outlets.

Background Music” refers to the state of hip hop today, explains Eso “where the music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had.”  It also refers to how our music is construed by the masses, people who generally seem to favor the popular over the obscure.  Real hip-hop has been forced to play the “background” to club and dance music that seems devoid of any message or staying power.

After gaining much acclaim for their collaboration with MF Doom on the infectious single “Profitless Thoughts,” Substance Abuse released their debut Overproof in 2006. The album featured SaafirKool KeithMotion ManKutmasta Kurt,RascoThes-One, and MF Doom and received critical acclaim from outlets such as YRBURBScratch Magazine,and 944.  That album was followed by the classic “Background Music”, featuring Tash, Sadat X, Percee P, Myka Nyne, MC EihtKRS-Oneand Max Julien (The Mack).

What looms in the background of today’s music scene are people who are fed up with the current state of affairs and want change. If you’re one of them, check out Background Music: The Redux.

Check out More Music Below:

Substance Abuse “Slow Ya Roll” (Change the World Mix)


Off the EP “Background Music: The Redux”:


Ish Radio: Brutus – Deacon [Prod. @NOAHTheProducer]

South, Deacon, Brutus, Dirtysouth



Twitter @Brutus_Hoe & Instagram @SpottieSoloHoe (@NOAHTheProducer)
Saluda, South Carolina’introducing an up and coming rapper by the name of Brutus.  He has been creating music almost all of his life but has just recently started uploading music online and sharing that music. NoahTheProducer is his producer/engineer and they collectively  have just released a new song titled, “Deacon”.The song discusses religion, police, and life as a black man. He is very vulnerable in this song as he goes into some of his personal issues. Brutus is a very important voice in the south that doesn’t fall into the mold of the trap artists that have emerged and have become popular in recent years. His music is very conscious and makes an impact on his peers.


Ish Radio: @GQMarley420 – Quaaludes Prod By Platinum PAT

gQ Marley Quaaludes

The independent hip-hop powerhouse, GQ Marley, just released his latest studio endeavor. Entitled ‘Quaaludes,’ the new track harnesses Marley’s undeniably soulful style for a jaunt through some of the summer’s finest, most suave indie music yet. The track produced by Platinum PAT further defines GQ Marley’s vital place within a contemporary music scene.

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GQMarleyMusic